YUS, Girls {Indie Music Video Company}

YUS, {LA Music Video Director} from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo.


 Filming corporate video rarely allows you to explore creative filmmaking.

I made the decision that instead of continuing on with attending film school that I would use the knowledge of filming I had and started doing fee based corporate videos and commercials. 

After two years of success and dozens of projects, I felt something was missing. That something was my creative license! When filming corporate videos and commercials, I was “handcuffed” with their creative restrictions, especially if the company and the talent they were using are well known. The bigger the corporate project the more restrictions. I knew I had to do something new, something different; something that would challenge my creative storytelling.


Most of my favorite directors “claim to fame” had started out making music videos and then building a reel of films to demonstrate their creative excellence.  This seemed like the next logical step in my journey to be a Hollywood film director.


My next step was finding a quality band to make a video for. I didn’t know where to look so I posted the following message on Facebook “anybody know some good bands that would possibly like a music video made free of charge?’’.  From this posting, Trevor Martin, who owns the radio station Above the Radio, messaged me with an idea to run a contest for bands looking for a free music video.  This would give us a number of quality bands to interview to select a winner.


So we created a 2 month contest and 40 bands submitted their music for review.  On the last day of the contest, I narrowed my selection to 3 bands. The bands were good but I didn’t fall in love with any of them. Then the final submission came in, a band called YUS, with his song called Girls”. As I listened to it, I immediately knew I found the song I was looking for. What made this choice feel even better was that as I listened to the rest of his CD, I knew there were multiple productions we could work on if I liked and was able to work with the artist. 


The next day, Above the Radio announced the winner.  YUS was thrilled. One week later, YUS and I met at the LUX Cafe in Phoenix and started developing our brainchild. Within an hour we realized we both loved the movie “Pulp Fiction” and thought it would be exciting to make a music video revolving around a mysterious briefcase.


The music video was published on some 20 different blogs that included international blogs as well. The Phoenix New Times even wrote an article about it.  This one video then led me to additional videos with the bands Snail Quail and Reggie Savage.