I Don’t Want to Change from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo.

About The Diamond Underground

I wish to remain anonymous. I suppose the reason for my chosen secrecy originates from several sources; stage fright, the avoidance of arrogance, and a general sense of trying to avoid the influences and opinions of the shallow, the capitalist, and the destructive indifferent. That being said I still love and crave artistic expression. My main drive is the love of music and the unimaginable greatness of the potential ability to communicate my inner most thoughts and emotions to others. I believe if one ever achieves artistic greatness, it is the true and possibly only path to immortality. Immortality in the sense that your thoughts, dreams and emotions will still exist in the souls of your fans, far beyond your death.

The Diamond Underground is basically me. I occasionally hire producers and studio musicians, yet 99% of the writing and recording is done by me. I love music, film, good people, peace and the earth. I hate arrogance, greed, pettiness, and competition.

Take care
The Diamond Underground

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